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The 10 most beautiful lakes

Here are the 10 most beautiful lakes of the province of Quebec according to an article of the newspaper LaPresse.


1) Lake Pingualuk : 1,4 million years ago, a 120 meters of diameter meteorite hit the earth crust to an incredible speed, creating a crater of 3,4 km of diameter.  As the years passed, the Pingualuit crater (in the past called the New Quebec crater)

was filled with water, crating a 145 meters deep lake of crystal water.  Lake Pingualuk is today part of the national park of Pingualuit, the first park in northern Quebec. 

2) Lake Saint-Pierre : Nature preserve of the biosphere, this enlarging of the Saint-Lawrence runs from the estuary of the Nicolet river to Sorel and has a length of 35 km and a width of 10 km.  It particularity: its mean deepness of only three meters!  Lake Saint-Pierre contains, with its 103 islands, the most important archipelago of the Saint-Lawrence.  It is the home of 20% of its swamps and 40% of its humid environments.  It is also the area where the biggest quantity of herons can be found in North America. 

3) Lake Massawippi : Located at the south of Sherbrooke, Lake Massawippi surrounds the town of North Hatley.  In 2004, this lake shaped like an hippocampe got more prestigious when the French president Jacques Chirac, his wife and their poodle spent there summer vacation on its waters.  The american author Patricia Schultz also included this lake in her book titled 1000 Places to See Before You Die.

4) Réservoir Blanc : The construction of the Rapide-Blanc dam in 1934, popularized by the Oscar Thiffault song, created an enlarging on the Saint-Maurice river, 50km north-east of La Tuque. This artificial lake of an area of  72 squared km , is crossed by a train track that uses a 3 km long rock bridge.  Travellers have the impression of floating on the water. 

5) Lake à l'Eau-Claire : Which one? The province of Quebec counts about 50 geographical entities with this name.  Our lake à l'Eau-Claire is located at the north-east of Radisson. This is a spectacular water plan compsed of two circular basins that were created by the impact of a meteorite.  With its area of 1243squared km , it is the second largest natural lake of the province of Quebec, after lake Mistassini. A national park project is under study in order to protect this sensational territory that is visited in September by many caribous.

6) Lake Walker : In the nature preserce of Port-Cartier-Sept-Îles, on Côte-Nord, lake Walker is surrounded by tall rocky shores. With a lenght of 33 km and an unknown deepness, it is a glacial lake.  Its name reminds of the british admiral Hovenden Walker, who lost two of its boats at Oeufs island (Côte-Nord) in 1711. He then decided to return to Englan, saving Nouvelle-France from an attack.

7) Lake Saint-Jean : In the past called Saguenay sea, lake Saint-Jean is one of the most know water plan of Québec. Even if its vast area (1350 squared km ), its deepness does not exceed 63 metres. Its particular morphology in the shape of a bowl created spectacular cascades and waterfalls in its influents like the Ouiatchouan waterfall in the historic town of Val-Jalbert. A 256 km bicycle trail called "Véloroute des bleuets" allows the public to discover this lake.

8) Lake Tremblant : This water plan of a length of 10km and a with of 1 km is at the bottom of the Tremblant montain. Visitors can admire this lake in the summer or in the winter by going up the ski station of the same name.  In Fall, the show of colors is spendid.  You can also rent canoes and sailboards to explore its shores and luxurious homes. 

9) Lakec Kipawa : The Abitibi-Témiscamingue counts at least 100 000 lakes and 150 000 inhabitants. Lake Kipawa is a maze with its numerous bays and islands.  With its area of 300 squared km, it is the source of Kipawa river, a water plan of a length of 16 km known for its exceptional rapids.  Since 20 years, a festival of rafting is held there in the month of June. 

10) Lakc Témiscouata : In the past, it was the passage between Quevec and the Acadian region.  Lake Témiscouata has a length of about 40 km in the Bas-Saint-Laurent. Tourists can discover it with the bicycle trail called "Le Petit Témis'' that was built on an old train track that runs along this majestuous water plan and that is 40 km long between Cabano and Dégelis. The Sentier national du Bas-Saint-Laurent also offers numerous lookouts on this water plan. 

Simon Diotte
La Presse
Special Collaboration

Translated by Navigation Quebec






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