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5 Fantastic Fishing Destinations for Everyone... 2nd Part

More than 10% of the province is covered with water; in fact, there is a wide choice. There are several thousands of water areas that provide a habitat to several fish species. Surprising isn’t it! You only have to look at a roadmap of the province and you will see an impressive quantity of places to discover.

  Lake St-Jean: A dazzling lake, a real inland sea, with a dimension of 45 by 34 kilometers. Lac Saint-Jean has an average depth of 12 meters. Known as being the country of blueberries and fresh water salmon, there is much more to see and do. Unfortunately, a few years ago there was a decline in the fresh water salmon species. Thanks to sustained conservation programs, the situation has
greatly improved. There are also many possibilities to catch beautiful sizes of pike and yellow pike. See the index card for this lake.

Lake St-François : This imposing lake which extends from Valleyfield to Cornwall and up to New York State, borders three different frontiers. This shallow lake underwent some diggings at the time, in order to create the sea way. There is thus a multitude of beautiful steep escarpments regularly visited by an incredible number of yellow pikes, black basses, pikes and muskellunges. There are also several other very interesting natural structures to discover. Besides the sea way, the average depth of Lake St-François is approximately 4 meters. Another interesting factor of this lake is that there are several man-made canals. Today, they offer a habitat to beautiful sizes of large-mouth basses, as well as several other species. See the index card for this lake

White Fish Reservoir :
It is three hours away from Montreal and 45 minutes from Mount Laurier. This reservoir offers uncountable opportunities to fishermen because of its huge territory. Just imagine, from White Fish bridge, you can navigate more than 70 km northwards and about 30 km southwards. There are nearly 150 islands and tens of magnificent beaches. In the north part, it is possible to tease the yellow pike, the pike and the black bass. In addition, in the south part you can find the lake charr, the black bass and the white fish. See the index card for this lake

Deer Lake:
In this splendid lake of Hautes-Laurentides located 40 kilometers from Mount-Laurier you can catch muskellunge, lake charr, and fresh water salmon, but you can also catch beautiful small mouths. Since the beginning of the Seventies, this lake was stocked with many fish species. Water there is crystal-clear. You can find beautiful beaches and camp-sites there. In short, everything to fully benefit from the outdoors. As for the lake, it is very deep, it offers an incredible range of various structures and habitats, and therefore attracts fishermen to catch fish that hide there. See the index card for this lake.

Wildlife Reserve of Vérendrye:
If you still haven’t found the appropriate destination, I suggest choosing the governmental wildlife reserve of Vérendrye. The immensity of its territory and the vast number of water areas of Vérendrye Reserve make this destination the favorite place for fishermen and canoe-camping fans. The 1 250 camp sites spread out on the territory allows the discovery of fishing while taking advantage of inexpensive accommodation. For those who favor staying in a cottage, the reserve has 35 cottages well-equipped located alongside Lake Jean-Peré, Lake Granet and the Dozois Reservoir. Something to satisfy all tastes! More than 800 lakes are accessible. There you can fish the walleye, the lake charr, the northern pike, the brook trout, the small-mouth bass and the sturgeon. Two lakes are especially for one-day fishing with reservations 48 hours in advance (to fish on these 2 brook-trout lakes, you must reserve using the reservation central system for daily fishing at 1 800 665-6527). All the others are available for daily fishing, you only have to register. Fishing is managed according to a pre-determined plan and approved by the ministry of Natural Resources and Wildlife of Quebec. A management plan for yellow pike is in force in the reserve.

As you can see, there are several possibilities for great fishing. Whether you are alone, with friends or family, fishing will always bring you happiness.

Enjoy your fishing,

Patrick Campeau
Professional fisherman





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