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5 Fantastic Fishing Destinations for Everyone

You have just acquired the craft of your dreams! Or you might be thinking of buying it!

You have just acquired the craft of your dreams! Or you might be thinking of buying it! Perhaps you have one already! Sooner or later, you will probably want to go to places and also try to make beautiful catches. Well, firmly tie up your boat on your trailer, then attach it to your vehicle and let’s go for adventure.
Lake Memphrémagog: This lake is approximately forty-kilometer long and is located in Estrie. It extends from the city of Magog to the American city of Newport. It is located only 10 kilometers from Sherbrooke and approximately 130 kilometers from Montreal. This amazing lake offers incredible possibilities for fishing the rainbow trout, brown trout, lake charr, fresh-water salmon, chain pickerel, largemouth and smallmouth bass, and many other species. The lake can be as deep as 110 meters and the bottom is composed of many structures of all kinds. A part of Memphré (as regular visitors call it) is located on the American side. But more than 75% of its surface bathes in our province. This lake is well-stocked with fish and is a place to discover or rediscover. See the index card for this lake. More Information
Lake Champlain: The Richelieu River and Missisquoi Bay serve as entrance doors to get to this huge lake of 193-kilometer long. Only 7% of this inland sea touches Canada. The magazines En-Fisherman and Bass Masters classified this lake as one of the 10 best lakes in North America, for the bass. There is also a phenomenal amount of salmonids of all kinds, pike, yellow-pike, etc. Not only Lake Champlain is long, but in its widest part, it reaches up to 19 kilometers. There are pits as deep as 122 meters. The average depth is 21 meters. See the index card for this lake. More Information
The river of Outaouais: This river travels more than 1130 kilometers. On the greatest part of its course, it is the boundary between Ontario and Quebec. This area which is very popular for fishing is located in the Hull-Carillon corridor along Route 148. The average depth of the river, besides the various bays, is 6 to 10 meters. It contains enormous muskellunge, plenty of pikes, beautiful yellow-pikes, smallmouth basses, etc. Fishermen highly appreciate this lake for the fishing quality of largemouth bass. For this reason, it is recognized as being one of the best lakes in Quebec. See the index card for this lake. More Information

The Port of Montreal: The St. Lawrence River is one of the greatest waterways in the world. The interesting part for fishermen is between Île Charron and Lachine’s rapids. In the turbulent water of the rapids there are very beautiful brown and rainbow trouts. Someone has even already caught salmon there, coming from the great lakes. There are several species of fish in this sector, the most caught by fishermen are undoubtedly the smallmouth basses and the yellow-pikes. Concerning the yellow-pike, you only have to exploit various escarpments to find them. The bass likes rocky places. See the index card of this water level. More Information
Lake St-Pierre : This majestic water area is about 35-kilometer long, going from Sorel to Trois-Rivières. Besides the seaway which was dug at the time to allow passage of ships of goods, its average depth is around 3 meters. All along the seaway which happens to form an incredible escarpment, there are plenty of yellow-pikes, and several other fish species. It is not uncommon to catch some very nice pikes, smallmouth and largemouth pikes, and also yellow pikes. Its potential is incredible. See the index card for this lake. More Information
As you can see, there are several great opportunities for fishing. Whether you are alone, with friends or family, fishing will always fulfil you with happiness.
Have a great fishing !
Patrick Campeau
Pêcheur Professionnel





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