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Fishing Monster Yellow Pike in Fall in Quinte’s Bay

As a professional fisherman, I am lucky enough to go fishing very frequently. I mainly do my favorite activity in the great metropolitan area. This fishing area has a very high number of yellow pikes. In one day, you can often catch 50, 60, 75 yellow pikes and even more in St-Lawrence River. There are many of them, but especially the small ones. The average size varies from 1 ½ to 2 pounds (700 to 900 grams). During the last 10 years, I managed to catch two big ones exceeding 10 pounds. One of them weighed 10 ½ pounds (4.75 kilos) and the other was just a little bigger.

As you probably know, fall is the best season to catch the biggest fish. Especially if you choose a water area that has monster yellow pikes, as Quinte’s Bay. I remember my first fishing trip there. We were there four days, from November 17 to 20. The first day, the weather was very nice. We caught 17 yellow pikes. Believe it or not, 13 of them weighed more than 10 pounds, including one of 12 pounds (5.44 kilos). The second day, the sky was cloudier and the weather was a little colder, around 5 degrees Celsius. It was our best fishing day, with a total of 16 yellow pikes, including 15 weighing over 10 pounds. On November 19, there was an incredible downpour. It rained all day long. That day we only caught 13 yellow pikes. The average size was also smaller. There were only 6 fish exceeding 10 pounds. Most of the other fish varied between 7 and 9 pounds. Then, the last day, the beautiful weather was back, 9 out of the 15 yellow pikes hoisted on board, reached the magic number. What more to say! In four fishing days, with three fishermen, we caught 43 yellow pikes that weighed more than 10 pounds.

Quinte’s Bay
This inside bay, located in the northern part of Lake Ontario, is more than 75-kilometer long. Quinte’s bay has more than 325 kilometers of shore. It is really huge. This fishing paradise is 260 kilometers from Ottawa and approximately 375 kilometers from Montreal. Going there is easy as pie. Just take highway 401 West, in direction of Toronto. Then, take exit 566 which takes you directly to Route 49 South. The latter goes directly to the heart of the bay, in the town of Picton.
Kevin Lavers, the guide I have hired for a few years already, is the owner of an incredible outfitter. It is Merland Park. You will find there several cottages as well as motel rooms suited for fishermen’s needs. All cottages have a refrigerator and a kitchenette, dishes and pots, a shower, television cable, heating and some even have air conditioning, bedding and pillows, etc. In addition, there is a slip, quays, and a swimming pool. It is also possible to rent a safe craft for a very reasonable price. What makes this place even more magical is that it is located on the shore of the bay. The view at the bayside is breathtaking.
Kevin and his wife Jennifer offer everything needed to fully enjoy fishing all year long. Whether during the summer season, for white fishing or fall fishing, you will find everything you need to fully benefit from your stay.
You can reach them at 613-476-6894 or by email at merlandpark@sympatico.ca
You can also visit their website: www.merlandpark.com
Have a great fishing!
Patrick Campeau
Professionnal Fisherman





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