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One of the best fishing places in the world

Quebec is a real fishing paradise. This province is the vastest in Canada. It is well stocked with fish and full of game. Thousands of lakes are there for you.

patrick campeau 
There are twenty touristic areas in Quebec where you can practice your favorite activity. Let’s visit some that are near the great urban centers:
Quebec : The national capital region benefits from a privileged location; it is close to mountains, forests, lakes, rivers and the majestic St. Lawrence River. Just a few minutes away from the downtown area, there is a multitude of opportunities for fishing lovers and enthusiasts. The river is an underestimated place by fishermen. You can find, among other species, beautiful yellow pikes, as well as several salmonids which will fulfill all fishermen’s wishes.
Mauricie : This fishing paradise is located halfway between the two main urban areas of the province, Montreal and Quebec. In less than a ninety-minute drive (150 km – 93 miles), you can get to Mauricie from the big cities of Quebec, using a very modern road network. Several water areas abound in fish. Many outfitters offer profitable fixed rates to fish for yellow pikes, and several other species.
Montérégie : This great area stretches up to the region of Cantons-de-l' Est and Mauricie-Bois-Francs in the East. In the North, up to the island of Montreal and its St. Lawrence River. In the West, from Ontario to Outaouais region. Then finally in the South, up to New York state. There are fantastic water areas such as Châteauguay and Richelieu Rivers, lakes Champlain, Deux-Montagnes, Saint-François, Saint-Louis and Saint-Pierre. The variety of species is at its peak. You can catch rainbow and brown trouts, etc., in the shade of sky-scrapers, and plenty of other species in this region well stocked with fish.
Lanaudière : Lanaudière region is located between St. Lawrence River and Massif Laurentien, between Mauricie and Laurentides areas. Its 13,543 km2 (8415 square miles) are stretched towards North-West after having bathed in more than 60 kilometers (37 miles) of St. Lawrence River. Its altitude goes up from South to North from approximately 20 meters (65 feet) near St. Lawrence River to almost 800 meters (2,625 feet) on the top of the mountains in Saint-Donat’s and Saint-Zénon’s neighborhood. It is really a marvellous place to catch lots of fish such as the brook or speckled trout, the lake charr, etc...
Laurentides : This area extends from south to north, from Thousand-Islands river up to the controlled zones of Petawaga, Le Sueur, Mitchinamécus, Normandie and Mazana, north of Mount-Laurier and, from west to east, from the limits of Outaouais region up to those of Lanaudière and the heart of Quebec, on an area of almost 22 000 km2 (13,670 square miles). Three major rivers drain the territory: River du Lièvre, Red river and North river. The brook trout, the lake trout, the black bass and the yellow pike are only some species, among several others that you can catch.
Montreal : This huge urban center is the second most important urbanised area in Canada and the biggest city of French-speaking people out of France. About 1 750 000 inhabitants live on the island of Montreal and more than 3 300 000 live in the big metropolitan. Montreal Island covers an area of 494 square kilometers (307 square miles). This urban fishing paradise is surrounded with water. You can fish the trout in Lachine’s Rapids, the yellow pike, the black bass, etc. in St. Laurence River and River des Praries. Boat fishing and wading can be easily practiced.
Outaouais : This touristic region of 33 000 km2 (20,505 square miles) harmoniously combines the dynamism of urban life and the proximity of great nature. Known as the black bass fishing stronghold in Quebec, there are also very nice brook trouts and several other interesting fish to catch. This superb region has a fishing area that I tremendously like to exploit; Papineau-Labelle Wildlife reserve.
Laval : Second most important city in Quebec, Laval benefits from a privileged location a few minutes away from downtown Montreal. Surrounded by water from Thousand-islands River and Des Prairies River, you can make incredible catches there. Either wading or boat fishing, you can catch black basses, yellow pikes, pikes, and several other very interesting species.
Take time to discover Quebec. As you could see, you will find everything you need for adventure and beautiful catches. This huge territory is yours to discover.
Have a great fishing,
Patrick Campeau
Professional fisherman





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