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Privacy Policy
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Protect your personal information! Consult our confidentiality policy in order to know the usage of the information that you are providing to Navigation Québec.

Our commitment
Navigation Quebec commits to keep confidential the personal information provided by its customers. We truly appreciate the trust of our customers and of the public in general. In order to keep their trust, we believe that our acts must be transparent and that we must respect our commitment of confidentiality in regards to the personal information that you decide to share with us. We receive and use constantly personal information for our activities and projects. The individuals who send us information should know that this information will be treated confidentially and that its usage might be subject to the consent of those who are concerned.

Navigation Quebec contains links towards Web sites administered by third parties. These links are only offered as a complement. The activation of these links will log you out of Navigation Quebec. It is important to be aware that Navigation Quebec does not control any of these third party Web sites. In addition, the fact that these Web sites are indexed to the Navigation Quebec’s Web site does not make Navigation Quebec responsible for their usage. Consequently, any personal information that you provide to Web sites other than Navigation Quebec will be subject to the confidentiality policy of these sites. In such cases, Navigation Quebec cannot be held responsible for any abuse that may result. Subsequently, we recommend that you examine closely the confidentiality policy of the other sites.

Moreover, you should keep in mind that the voluntary transmission of personal information during chat session or by email is not covered by the present confidentiality policy. You should always be careful when it comes to providing your personal information by these means of communication. You transmit your information to your own risks. This information can be collected and used by a third party without your prior agreement. In conclusion, if you divulgate personal information online and that this information is accessible to the public, you might receive unsolicited messages from a third party. Navigation Quebec cannot be held responsible for such unsolicited messages. We always recommend that you stay aware when you are on the Internet.

Definition of « Personal Information »
« The term « personal information » is applicable to any information that can be used to distinguish, identify or contact an individual. This information may include the opinions and the beliefs of the individual, as well as facts about this individual. Exceptions: contact information of businesses and some information that is known to be public- name, addresses, public phone numbers that appear in telephone directories and Web repertories or in a search engines is not considered personal information.

Confidentiality practices
The personal information gathered by our business is kept confidentially. Our employees are authorized to consult this information only in order to reply to the requests that initiated their obtaining. You can always access your personal information. The existing provisions of protection assure that this information is not provided nor transmitted more than necessary in the realization of our objectives. We also take precautions in order to assure the integrity of the information and to prevent its lost or destruction.

Navigation Québec inc.
Tel. : 418.222.9608


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